July 29, 2016 in Your Home

Flower Pots, Dusty Dryers and Massage Oil: Fire Hazards You May Not Know About

fire safety

When you think of fire safety, does your mind automatically go to the things that you learned about in school or that you hear about on the news all the time: smoking in bed? leaving unattended candles burning? overloading a circuit?

Gary came across some excellent articles and videos to share with you about other, less-well known dangers that you should be aware of.

Extinguishing cigarettes in flower pots or flower beds that contain cedar mulch can lead to slow-igniting burns. Dryer vents that collect dust need to be cleaned out regularly. And just because you bought that outdoor wood-burning chiminea at a hardware store, doesn’t mean that it is safe to use.

These videos and articles are a must-watch for homeowners and apartment dwellers.

Link to video about little know fire hazards

fire safety hazards

Fire Extinguishers

While on the one hand, you need to do what you can to protect your home or work space, it also pays to have good fire protection equipment in the right places.

We can recommend and supply all of the tools that you need. From fire alarm installation and inspections to extinguishers and emergency lighting, we can help you protect your important loved ones and investments.

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