Have You Heard About “saveONenergy”?

These days, “sustainable living” or “environmentally friendly” are hot topics. These familiar terms may even encourage us to pursue lifestyle changes that would encompass these ideas. But it’s not that easy, is it? After all, completely overhauling your lifestyle choices is a big commitment, both socially and financially.
However, there are programs available to lessen financial strain while you “go green”. For example, the “saveONenergy” initiative funded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is a popular program for making electrical management easier and more affordable for the consumer.

Why is conservation such a big deal? According to the OPA’s newsletter, ARC , conservation is not only the most cost-effective solution at the government level but also on the consumer level. This means, you win too! Also, conservation is an investment in sustainability and helps our province meet goals on social, economic, and environmental levels. Conservation considers the impact of our consumer choices on future generations and justifies extra expense because it will eventually pay off in future health care costs, as well as environmental costs. Finally, these programs are building on pre-existing strengths in our system. Consumers are already working hard to manage their lifestyle choices which is why these programs are a useful addition to whatever “green” measures you are already taking.

A big advantage of the “saveONenergy” program is that it is consumer focused – it is all about lowering the overall cost while remaining environmentally friendly and sustainability focused. This program is offered through local utilities and is financially sourced through the OPA. In Kingston, our local initiative is offered through Hydro One.


If you are a homeowner, here are your options:

  • You can take advantage of coupons from the program when shopping at your local hardware store. These coupons are meant to assist you in purchasing energy efficient products.
  • Other programs include a free fridge and freezer pick up. Now is the time to get rid of your old, wasteful appliances!
  • Also, there are some great financial incentives for upgrading other appliances such as your central air or heating systems. In fact, you can receive up to $650 when you purchase the recommended energy-efficient brands.
  • Finally, there are exchange events that take place. While these are over for the winter season, they will likely start again in 2014.

We think the best way to visualize where your cost-cutting measures are is to check out the virtual tour available on the “saveONenergy” website. It takes you through a house and provides you with basic hints and tips for reducing your energy consumption in a few basic actions.

Business Owners:

If you are a business owner, the “saveONenergy” is for you too! Right now you can get up to $1500 in energy efficient lighting upgrades! This is cost-effective investment lowers your energy costs, saving you money, and making your business greener!

Let’s talk the “how-to”:

  • First, find out whether you are eligible for these upgrades. Please note that qualifications are based on whether your small business has an overall demand of 50 kW or less. This can be determined from your electrical bill: if your electrical use is measured in kWh, you are under 50 kW.
  • Next, if you do qualify, you can fill out the application form and book your free assessment online. Be sure to have your HydroOne account number on hand. You can book your assessment here.
  • Finally, call HydroOne to set up for retrofit. HydroOne will complete your retrofit, assisted by the grant from the OPA.

Alternatively, if you have a large business, you can apply to have energy efficient products installed on a larger scale through the RetroFIT program. Through this option, you can receive or earn up to 50% off the costs associated with your lighting upgrades. Before moving forward for your retrofit, find out whether you need to be in the prescriptive, engineered, or custom track so that you receive the right products for your business. For clarification for your business needs, you can schedule an energy audit to assess how energy is being used in your business. As a business owner, you are eligible for financial incentives to cover up to 50% of the audit costs.

Now What?

The “saveONenergy” program is a great opportunity for homeowners and business owners. This program is available to partner with you as you pursue energy efficient means of running your home or business. Not only will you be saving money on your energy bills, but we think you will love the aesthetic improvement to your home or business. If you think this may be the program for you, the first step is to contact the local Kingston electric utility, HydroOne, to set up an audit to help you find out what energy efficient means can be used for your business. From there, HydroOne will guide you through the steps to getting your retrofit started.

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