Electrician for Your Home

Lighting your home

Fresh lighting in a home can give it new life and add both value and enjoyment to your home. Good lighting can improve the ‘mood’ of your rooms or outdoor living space and make a smaller space seem larger.

Your custom home renovations and lighting designs are our specialties! Transform your living space or work area with the leading brands in LED technology. Make your home a brighter, safer place to live.  Our experienced and skilled tradesmen  will ensure your home meets the full requirements of the Electrical Safety Code. You can count on our expert installation of electrical appliances and motors for your comfort and peace of mind. No matter the size of your job, Oosterhof Electrical Services Ltd. will make your home a brighter, safer place to live.

Plugging in!

If you are building or renovating a home, planning your outlet spacing is an important part of the process. We can help you navigate what the electrical code requires, but sometimes you also need special sockets or additional outlets to accommodate devices or  a specific workspace. Our experienced electricians provide consultation to find out what your exact needs are.

Frequently requested:

  • New lights and plugs outside on a deck or a porch
  • Exchanging old fluorescent for LED fixtures
  • Adding a light to a room, garage or outside
  • Modernizing plugs and switches
  • Replacing regular switches with dimmers
  • Phone, internet and television cable management
Landscape lighting

Electrician for Your Renovation

Bringing everything up to code

If you are renovating an older home, it is important to make sure that the electrical system can handle modern devices and meets or exceeds the current electrical code. Be sure to call us early in the project planning stages so that we can walk through the most efficient way to upgrade your system.

Adding and moving

Renovations are a great time to add new functions to a space in your home. Your electrical system may need to be adjusted to accommodate these changes. Any renovation can bring about a need to re-evaluate, but renovating a kitchen or bathroom is an especially good time to make sure that you have everything you need and it’s all up to code.

Frequently requested:

  • Adding potlights
  • Bathroom vanity location change
  • Exhaust fan installation/replacement
  • Creating a new circuit for baseboard, kick plate or in-floor heating system
  • Adding new kitchen plugs
  • Upgrading kitchen counter plugs from the traditional split 15A to the new standard of 20A decora. Choose from a variety of colours

When it comes to renovations, we work with and are relied upon by the best. Check them out:

Wired or wireless, Lutron makes connections easy and lighting design seamless

Oosterhof Electrical electricians are registered as Lutron Pros and we can help you design a smart home network that creates comfortable atmospheres with simple controls

Lutron light switches

Hot Tubs / Electric Vehicle Chargers / Generators/Fire & Safety

Enjoy your pool and/or hot tub!

When there is electrical and water you are going to need a professional electrician to make sure your installation is safe. It is crucial that the many electrical codes specifically for pools and hot tubs are strictly followed so you and your family can enjoy your aquatic features safely. Our licensed electricians and office staff can work seamlessly with you and your desired pool company to get you enjoying your hot tub or pool as quickly as possible.

Is there an electric vehicle in your future?

Are you planning to purchase an electric vehicle in the future?  It’s a good idea to plan ahead and be sure that there is enough power at your panel to supply an EV charger. Book an assessment of your electrical service and see if you are ready for an installation already or if you will need an upgrade to your service. We can supply and/or install all types of EV chargers, whether you are installing for the first time or upgrading to a fast charger.

Get off the grid

The ability to generate electricity for your home or to supply the grid is an essential part of the future of energy in Ontario. The ever increasing demand for power is made easier with individuals who offset their usage with wind and solar supplemental electricity. We can supply and install renewable energy products for both large and small applications. Let us help you fit renewable energy products into your residential or commercial system.

Generating your power

With a Kohler standby generator, you need vever be without backup power. As a licensed Kohler distributor and installer we have a supply of residential and commercial sized generators that will keep your lights on, your fridge running and anything else that you need when the power is out. Try the user-friendly Kohler sizing calculator to estimate the amount of power you will need to keep the most important circuits powered in an emergency situation. Kohlet Authorized Dealer

Smoke alarms and fire safety

To help ensure the safety of your loved ones and the investment of your home, we are proud to have fully-trained Certified Fire Alarm Technicians on our staff to service and install a variety of fire alarm systems. We can install, inspect and do maintenance on all models of fire alarm panels and equipment, all forms of sprinkler suppression, emergency lighting and fire hoses. You can take advantage of our monthly service programs as well as our annual fire alarm verifications that meet all requirements of the Ontario Fire Code.

Panel Upgrades

Upgrade your electrical service to fit your lifestyle

Upgrading an electrical panel requires the services of an experienced electrician.

We can upgrade an old fuse panel to a breaker panel, relocate an existing panel to a more convenient/less conspicuous location and/or upgrade your home to a Smart Panel, giving you in-depth feedback on circuit efficiency, safety and control of your home energy use remotely.

Some of your frequently asked questions

Do you supply free estimates?

Yes! We send a qualified, licensed electrician to check out your project. He will provide an accurate estimate of your electrical needs and costs. Estimates usually take about a week.

Do I have to arrange for the permit and/or inspection?

Oosterhof Electrical will arrange for all permits and inspections necessary to complete your project.

How long does it usually take to get an electrician to my house?

We offer priority call service work. This means that if your call is urgent, we can get our technician there in minutes or hours. We try to meet whatever may be required.

What are your jobsite standards?

Our team is committed to excellence. Our goal is to leave no evidence that we were in your home or office. We take any garbage with us.

What guarantee can you make about finishing the work on time?

Every job site has a unique timeframe and schedule. We are committed to finishing your electrical work as quickly as possible. We endeavour to communicate timelines and to let you know of any delays.

People always want to know (rightly so!) how much their electrical work is going to cost.

It is difficult to put rates on our website because every job is unique. And while you might see ‘adding potlights’ as the job, we need to make sure, for example, that the infrastructure is in place to support the addition of another power-draw in your home.

So we put together a little guide to help you understand what goes into our rates.

As always, we offer FREE ESTIMATES – no obligation, no hassle, no surprises.

Electrician Rate or 'How much will it all cost?'

Have you ever wondered what goes into the rate that is charged when the electrician comes to your house? There’s a lot more behind ‘the rate’ than just the wages of the specially-trained electrician who shows up at your home or commercial business.

Behind the scenes

Good service doesn’t ‘just happen’. It requires top notch technicians, backed by years of training, support staff in the office who keep things organized and the tools and parts (think service trucks, testers, inventory, etc.) that are needed to get the job done.

When our service arrives at your door, you can be sure that we have made the necessary investment keeping our electrician current with the best practices and electrical safety codes. We are properly insured, both for your sake and ours, and our licenses are up-to-date.

Get a Quote

When you have a project with electrical needs, we will come to your job site or home, walk through the project with you and give you a quote for the work that you want done. Along the way, we will give you suggestions that can save you money and/or make sure that your project complies with current electrical safety codes.

No one expects you to know what the electrical costs will be on your own. We will send a licensed electrician to provide an estimate of your electrical needs and costs.

Family-owned and Local

Oosterhof Electrical Services is a family-owned and operated business that employs local electricians and gives back to the community, both through corporate donations and personal involvement of our people in the causes they believe in.


We are glad to be a part of the business community that serves Eastern Ontario and we want you to know that we are working hard to provide you with the best possible service at a fair rate. We love the people that we work with and we think you’ll enjoy having them around to service your electrical needs! Thanks for making it possible for us to do what we love.